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Products & Services

DWBI Concepts is built through the collaboration of like-minded professionals – who strongly believe in the largely untapped capacity of data that can transform businesses.


Certification Program

We have devised a certification program keeping in mind the growing needs of data warehousing skills in the industry. The coursework is advanced, has great coverage and you need real 'knowledge' to acquire the certification.


Tutorials and Trainings

We provide state-of-the-art training and certification programs for the data warehousing and business intelligence professionals. Both onsite and online trainings are available.


Product Review & Recommendation

We have a team of highly qualified engineers and industry insiders who provide product reviews and recommendations


Consulting Services

We provide consulting services in data warehousing / business intelligence / data mining / machine learning domain. Our services include strategy, design, architecture, development and implementation of data warehouse and other business intelligence solutions.


Contact us admin@dwbiconcepts.com