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ETL Informatica

This section contains a number of articles and tutorials on Informatica PowerCenter™ and PowerMart™ ETL tool.

Informatica Tuning - Step by Step Approach

This is the first of the number of articles on the series of Data Warehouse Application performance tuning scheduled to come every week. This one is on Informatica performance tuning.

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Implementing Informatica Partitions

Identification and elimination of performance bottlenecks will obviously optimize session performance. After tuning all the mapping bottlenecks, we can further optimize session performance by increasing the number of pipeline partitions in the session. Adding partitions can improve performance by utilizing more of the system hardware while processing the session.

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Implementing Informatica Persistent Cache

You must have noticed that the "time" Informatica takes to build the lookup cache can be too much sometimes depending on the lookup table size/volume. Using Persistent Cache, you may save lot of your time. This article describes how to do it.

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Aggregation with out Informatica Aggregator

Since Informatica process data on row by row basis, it is generally possible to handle data aggregation operation even without an Aggregator Transformation. On certain cases, you may get huge performance gain using this technique!

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All about Informatica Lookup

A Lookup is a Passive, Connected or Unconnected Transformation used to look up data in a relational table, view, synonym or flat file. The integration service queries the lookup table to retrieve a value based on the input source value and the lookup condition.

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