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How to install SAP BODS - Standalone

BODS Directory Structure

BODS automatically creates an environment variable, called LINK_DIR which points to the root folder where BODS is installed. In our case, this root folder is:

LINK_DIR="D:\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Data Services"

For the sake of future conveniences and logical grouping, we may also create the following directory structure for SAP BODS.

Custom Directory Structure for BODS

Cache: "D:\Business Objects\CacheDir"
Log: "D:\Business Objects\LogDir"
Scripts: "D:\Business Objects\ParamDir"
Target Files: "D:\Business Objects\TgtFiles"
Source Files: "D:\Business Objects\SrcFiles"

Separating the directories in the above fashion, makes it easy for us to quickly access them later.

We need to create the folders in windows and use them for the purpose defined above. For example to point the source or target file to proper directory either enter the directory path in the Root directory option of the File Format or you can also use Substitution Parameters for each environment.

Changing default location of BODS Log Directory

For BODS Log files, the default log directory is :

D:\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Data Services\log 

But you may change the default log directory location to some other folder, eg. the below folder for quicker access:

D:\Business Objects\LogDir 

In order to do this, Open the file DSConfig.txt in the location:

D:\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Data Services\bin\DSConfig.txt 


Modify the line


As below

AL_JobServerLogReDir1=D:\Business Objects\LogDir


Next Restart the BODS Job Server or BODS Services and you are done.

Next we will see how to create SAP BODS LOCAL REPOSITORY.