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How to install SAP BODS - Standalone

Create SAP BODS Local Repository

Businessobjects Data Services(SAP BODS) solutions are built over 2 different types of meta-data repositories called central and local repository. While the local repositories can be used by the individual ETL developers to store the metadata pertaining to their ETL codes, the central repository is used to "check in" the individual work and maintain a single version of truth for the configuration items (e.g. ETL code). Without the necessity of installation of the additional modules, it supports the team work in the ETL projects. The central repository allows adding tested scripts and then import them to local repositories or check them out and open them in exclusion mode. Versioning is also fully supported.

In the next section we will see how can we create and configure a local repository. Go to SAP BODS Repository Manager and enter the following information to configure the Local Repository:

Repository type: Local
Database type: Oracle (or whatever database you are using)
Database connection name: ORCL
User name: DEVETLREPO_L1
Password: (specify password here)

Local Repository Connection Test

Click on Get Version button, first to check it is able to connect to database. Next Click on Create button to create the metadata tables.

Local Repository Creation

Local Repository was successfully created.

Next we will see how to create SAP BODS SECURED CENTRAL REPOSITORY.