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Top 50 SAP Business Objects Data Services (BODS) Interview Questions with Answers

Learn the answers of some critical questions commonly asked during SAP BO Data Services interview.

1. What is the use of BusinessObjects Data Services?


BusinessObjects Data Services provides a graphical interface that allows you to easily create jobs that extract data fromheterogeneous sources, transform that data to meet the business requirements of your organization, and load the data into a single location.

2. Define Data Services components.


Data Services includes the following standard components:

  • Designer
  • Repository
  • Job Server
  • Engines
  • Access Server
  • Adapters
  • Real-time Services
  • Address Server
  • Cleansing Packages, Dictionaries, andDirectories
  • Management Console

3. What are the steps included in Data integration process?

To know the answer of this question and similar high frequency Data Services questions, please continue to,

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